Maddie (the guv'nor) has been piercing for nearly 20 years and has 7 years medical service  previously within the NHS.

Specializes in genital piercings dermal anchors and the removal of them with minimal scarring. very interested in biology and how the different types of skin nerve endings etc work including scar tissue. 


She quite often has a Rick Mayall (Richie) moment

Maddie also hand makes most of our gold items within the studio.

 In her spare time she loves nothing better than having a good ole mosh and to get on her VFR-750 motorcycle attending rallies  and touring Europe.

(she still thinks shes 20yrs old !)

Interesting fact- although deaf in one ear can still hear and join in a conversation thats going on upstairs! Also has eyes in the back of her head.


Suzanne- Snr Piercer and god send.

 2 yr apprenticeship undertaken over 10 years ago. Mentored by Maddie at our previous studio ( Fleetwood body piercing).

Specializes in Daith piercings and tongue  scoop piercings. 

Good with breaking the ice if your a bit nervous.


Maddies best friend but  sometimes has to leave the room through laughing at Maddie doing a rick mayall 

Very particular about  hygiene .

 In her spare time she loves nothing better than watching documentary's about serial killers or anything that could classed as weird (you wanna see some of her paintings). Loves gaming on the PS4. Also interested in photography.

 Interesting fact : Suzanne can  stick her tongue up her nose haha

Shadow AKA Jonathon 

Jonathon does not really have an active role unless its of a mischievous nature ie. switches on lights, computer and hides piercing tools and things of a personal nature.


Due to Suzanne and Maddies interest in all things supernatural he gets on quite well with them .


He loves the evenings when hes alone and has the studio to himself.


He is not a big people person so you probably wont meet him but if you do just know hes a very gentle soul.